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The Superluckies

The Superluckies

“The band were absolutely fantastic - they are extremely talented musicians who really look the part and engage with the audience - I danced to every tune! They wore us all out :) "”


A dynamic and versatile four-piece band, the Super Luckies continue to wow London's gig goers with front man Steve Payne's Soulful Vocals, Dub bass lines, Blues Guitars, Jazz Piano and Solid Solid Beats. The band pride themselves on their immense musicianship, dynamic performances and their ability to work a room. They achieve this partly by way of excellent song selection and skillful live improvisation, but the main reason for their success is that they truly Love what they do.....and that's what makes the difference.

You can expect the band to dazzle with a non stop cascade of great songs played with more energy than a super nova.The Super Luckies guarantee to blast you and all your guests into sonic heaven with a set of party rock and pop favourites, ska, soul and rock n' roll...Dance? You won't be able to stop yourself.